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sky stewart

Born and raised in Jasper, Alabama, Sky grew up facing generational poverty, social injustices, and fatherlessness. Fear and feelings of being trapped in the cyclical patterns of poverty and injustice kindled a desire for fairness and unity at a young age. Growing up in the church Sunday through Saturday, he was taught basics of Christianity with no real understanding of who Christ was as Lord and Savior.

Sky's second year in college he was invited to go to Campus Outreach's Summer Beach Project 2010. God used that summer and the following two years to reveal to him that he had only thought he was a Christian and still needed to come into a relationship with Him. God began working in Sky and redeeming him. He participated as a leader at Summer Beach Project 2013 and God allowed him to lead and room with Lee Mayhall for that summer. That relationship flourished through bonds from football and an even tighter brotherhood now found in Christ. Lee’s new vision from working the following summers at Common Ground Montgomery rekindled that flame in Sky for Gospel-centered justice and reconciliation. Through God's redemption in Sky's life, he has come to see the great need of Christ-centered transformation in the lives of others who have the same upbringing he did. Learning the Lord’s heart towards justice and equity, Sky has faithfully accepted this call to be a part of Common Ground Shoals.