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story of CGS

After Lee Mayhall’s time with Common Ground Montgomery (CGM) and the impoverished and marginalized West Montgomery community they serve, he felt God leading him into full-time ministry, and one similar to CGM. Sky Stewart grew up in a similar challenging community and has grown a heart to see Christ's transformation in those who share an upbringing relatable to his. So both Lee and Sky felt a call to invest in kids, families, and communities that have been marginalized.

As they were graduating, a group of fellow church members had also felt the Lord stirring in their hearts and began praying about ways to promote unity, equality and change here in the Shoals. The two groups connected in their shared vision and began to meet, plan, and pray. At that point, Lee and Sky contacted CGM and, in God’s intricate design, they found that CGM had been praying too. CGM felt called to expand their ministry into other communities. Lee and Sky excitedly and prayerfully determined to start the first expansion chapter of Common Ground here in the Shoals area in 2017!