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lee mayhall

Lee recently graduated from the University of North Alabama in May 2017. He came to faith in his freshman year of college through the ministry of Campus Outreach (CO) and Christians on the football team (including Sky). Following a life-changing summer at CO’s Summer Beach Project, he became increasingly involved as a student leader, attending subsequent Beach Projects, leading Bible studies, and sharing his faith on the campus. Two years later, Lee was encouraged to do an internship with an inner-city ministry called Common Ground Montgomery (CGM). During his summer internships at CGM, he gained a fuller view of the Gospel and of God’s heart for people.

“I came to understand what it meant to love the whole person, spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. Through gospel discipleship and studying God’s word at CGM, I learned that having a heart for God goes hand in hand with having a heart for the poor, oppressed, marginalized, fatherless, and the widow. As God began to transform my heart, loving and serving the kids and community in Washington Park felt like a glimpse into the center of God’s heart. Even more, it made me feel like I was loving and serving Jesus himself, as He identifies with this community in Matthew 25, where He says, “What you have done for the least of these my brothers, you have done to Me.”

After two summers of God using the inner-city to transform him, Lee knew that doing a similar work as CGM was where he wanted to give his life.